About Us

Our Story

Our journey started in 1896 in the suburbs of Kyoto where we started as a small silk yarning company.
Our approach has been consistent and simpleMake Gold Quality Products at Silver Prices
That craftsman spirit to deliver the right product still resonates in our company.
                  • Focus on the Quality of Thread
                  • Focus on every Design Detail
                  • Learn from our Customers
                  • Adapt and Improve a Million times over for Perfect results
After 3 years of R&D with a top Japanese materials company,
in 1952 we proudly released Japan’s first nylon pantyhose.
With the rich history and access to technology we rebranded to SABRINA in 1919.
Since then, SABRINA has become a staple for our Japanese customers.
Today we are excited to offer our wide variety of products to the U.S.